Frequently-Asked Questions

What kind of security do you offer to my dog?

We live on the premises and have motion-activated security cameras. The boarding facility will be locked at night or when the owners are not on the premises. Each individual kennel will be locked, and the doggie door will be shut at dusk each night.

Do you give any doggie treats during my dog's stay, or do I need to bring them?

We will give doggie biscuits daily but if you wish to send other treats, they will be marked for your dog and given as per your instructions. We recommend sending food labeled with your dog’s name in a bag so that new food does not upset their stomach.

What if I can’t drop off or pick up my pet in the allotted time frames?

We can make accommodations, so please call and we can work around any schedule.

The drop off/pick up times are listed on the booking page. If early drop-off or late pick-up is desired, there will be a $15 charge.

What paperwork do you need before my dog is accepted?

Good question! We need a certificate from your vet or shot record that the dog has a current rabies and heart worm vaccination. We also recommend having a current Bordatella vaccine.

Do I need to provide my own food?

We have vet-recommended, age-appropriate food at $2 per day. But we understand that your fur baby has a routine and a food that it likes best, so please just provide an appropriate amount for the length of the stay.

What happens if my dog gets hurt?

We'll call and text you right away, of course, but if we feel like the injury is life-threatening, we'll take the pup to the nearest veterinarian and let you know where we are

When do you open?

May 1st but we are taking reservations now!

What is a Dog Assessment?

There will be a Dog Assessment before their first boarding or daycare day.  The Assessment fee is $25.  Every dog will be assessed by the owner of The Doggie Dorm to check for aggressive behaviors alone and with another dog present. If your dog is accepted, then the fee will be credited toward their first night boarding.