Application Process and Refund Policy

Dog Assessment

There will be a Dog Assessment before their first boarding or daycare day. The Assessment fee is $25. Every dog will be assessed by the owner of The Doggie Dorm to check for aggressive behaviors alone and with another dog present. If your dog is accepted, then the fee will be credited toward their first night boarding.

Please download and print the Application Form


Refund / Cancellation Policy

Our boarding facility has limited kennels, and especially during high season time we are frequently at full occupancy. When we are at capacity, the lack of space may force us to turn away some clients for boarding. When clients cancel reservations or change reservations without an appropriate amount of notice (at minimum 96 hours), it is frequently too late for us to fill the kennel space that we reserved for them, because the clients that we turned away have already made other arrangements. This causes us to lose a tremendous amount of income because that kennel is then left vacant. Due to the loss of revenue as a result of no shows, untimely cancellations, schedule changes, we have implemented the following cancellation policies. We will try to fill the kennel with another dog and if so then we will refund your money back to you. If we are not able to fill the kennel, there will be a charge of the first night reservation.