The Dorms

We've built a brand-new doggie-dorm facility made just for dogs!

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Each kennel has a covering over it so that the dogs can lay out on the concrete and enjoy the environment.

In, or Out? Let Your Dog Decide!

Pets are separated into individual indoor and outdoor kennels. Each kennel has a separate doggie door that is opened from their private space to their own outdoor area. The doggie door is secured nightly at dusk as they begin to settle in for the night.

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Warm or Cool? That's Also Up To Your Dog!

All indoor kennels are heated and cooled to a comfortable temperature. But if your dog is short-haired and it's a bit too cool inside in the summer, it can go to the outside part of the kennel anytime it wants. Similarly, if it's a thick or long-haired dog and prefers cooler temps in the winter, it can go outside whenever it wants.

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Giant dorm / kennel, open

Dorm Sizes

The small dorm is 3' x 4' inside and 3' x 6' outside
The medium dorm is 4' x 4' inside and 4' x 6' outside
The large dorm is 4' x 6' inside and 6' x 6' outside
The giant dorm is 4' x 8' inside and 8' x 6' outside

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